Instructions for artists

Dear lovely artists,

I’m working on the next - 5th - edition of my Carpet Pages projects. Carpet Pages V: Code. It’ll see what we can do with online shows and how we can play with the format. I’m interested in Augmented Reality (AR) and Quick Response (QR) codes. There are 2 separate artworks, called here Part 1 and Part 2. 


Part 1:

How to create your physical QR code:


  1. Download or save the QR code images above - we have it both as a JPEG and PNG so whichever you prefer. They are exactly the same as each other so just pick one to copy. I will also email you a high res version of the QR code as might be easier to copy.

  2. Copy it and make it in something physical, ie paint it or draw it or etch it or bake it (can you do this?), tattoo it, mosaic it, cross stitch it, use printmaking, carve it in stone, or plaster or wood, black tape it, make it with food… simplest way may be graph paper… play with it digitally if that’s part of your work and make it your own while still retaining its QR-ness (it needs this in order to still function as a QR code). I made a video: this is the process of what you have to do for Part 1, in whatever material you like and that works. Video is here: is 1 hour long so you can have it on while you're making, in the background. It is quite enjoyable to do once you're in the flow and may take 1-1.5 hours to make, not too long once all materials ready etc. Watch it here: 

    Vaishali Prazmari QR code demonstration how to

  3. Get your smartphone out and start to take a photo of it to test if it works, it should lead you straight to the website where your work will be displayed.



Part 2:

A high-quality high-res version of your artwork (either existing or made specially for this show, you choose) which could be video, PDF, GIF, MP3 or whatever. If you are a painter this is simplest: just a JPEG of your final painting.

And the following info in an email to me: 





-Price if relevant (20% commission if I sell it. I have done in the past but really very slow)

-Plus one sentence about your work.


I would love for you to be part of this online project! 

Full instructions here:


Submissions deadline: 30 June 2022.

Online show live dates: Aug/Sept 2022. 


I hope that you and your family are safe; stay safe and stay well.


Kindest regards




Private View and Live Show dates:

Summer 2022


Zeros and ones

And wool once it’s spun

Sitting pretty on warp and weft

In a carpet we find

Real and virtual aligned

Yet separate, the two ways are cleft

From country to city

This art by committee

Spans a great distance vast

AR works in the world 

In the rug lie unfurled

The internet gets you there fast

Real and virtual swapping

And binary-craft hopping

On and offline states in a flow

Tangible art

A digital chart

Of QR codes all in a row

Carpet Pages

The Carpet Pages cycle is a project series presented by artist and curator Vaishali Prazmari. The dazzling title pages of both Islamic and Medieval European manuscript books were called Carpet Pages in reference to their intricate rug-like patterns. These exquisitely detailed and highly ornamented and illuminated surfaces were covered in arabesques and geometric patterns and often included the use of gold and jewel-like, precious pigments. As book pages are sequential, so future projects will build on this 5th chapter. Carpets are visual feasts for the eye and this 5th iteration in the Carpet Pages cycle promises the same. The curator's love of carpets also reflects the wider goal of this project sequence which is to bring together diverse ideas into a whole; to unite disparate elements into a unified pattern, which is one of the goals of rug-making itself.